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Keep a bottle of your favorite RayLen wine on hand for the right occasion when you buy our wines online. While we’re known best for our red wines such as Category 5, we make a variety of reds, whites, blends, sparkling wines, and more, all grown with European varietals.

All RayLen wines are made at our winery in Mocksville, NC. We have wines ranging from dry to semi-sweet, carefully crafted to delight any palate. Whether you’re an avid wine drinker looking for your next favorite bottle, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, you’re sure to find something you’ll love from our winery!

Tasting and Tour Experience20191004115705
Luv It Sangria2019070915400411.99
Bourbon Barrel Select2018112810133118.99
Barrel Chardonnay2018100216482316.99
Category 52018092716143919.99
Eagle’s Select2018092716092023.99
Pale Red2018092715594312.99
Sparkling Brut2018092715524926.99
Sauvignon Blanc2018092715210715.99
Carolinius Red2018092715162614.99
Pinot Grigio2018092714444913.99
Cabernet Sauvignon2018092714164018.99
Cabernet Franc2018092015293616.99
Petit Verdot2018092015280819.99
White Carolinius2018092015252414.99
Rosé of Cabernet Franc2018092011130516.99

Award-Winning Wines

We’re proud to have been recognized with more than 200 awards for producing outstanding wines in North Carolina. With distinct stainless steel and oak barrel fermentation processes, our winemaker achieves memorable flavor profiles with the best possible taste.


Where do you ship?

We ship to the following states: NC, CA, CO, FL, LA, MD, MN, MO, NH, NY, OH, TX, SC, TN, VA.

Shipping Rates
12+ Bottles shipped to an NC address – FREE SHIPPING
12+ Bottles – $31.98
7-11 Bottles – $25.92
4-6 Bottles – $20.92
1-3 Bottles – $15.92
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Purchase a half or a full case to receive a special discount on your order! We offer a 5% discount when you purchase 6 bottles (half a case) and 10% when you purchase 12 or more (a full case).


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