Sweet Treat


Do you or your guests have a sweet tooth? The Sweet Treat bundle combines two of our sweeter wines – Riesling and Pale Red – into one discounted package. These wines are perfect for sipping and socializing, or pour a glass to serve with dessert!

Wine Included: Pale Red and Riesling.

Product Details

Pale Red

A fresh, bright and lively Rosé wine offers hints of cherry and sweet grape jam. One of RayLen’s only sweet wines, the Pale Red calms down hot spicy foods like gumbo or hot stuffed peppers. The Pale Red is perfect for the North Carolinian raised on sweet tea.


RayLen’s Riesling will take you back to summer days in the south picking honeysuckles in your grandmother’s back yard. Notes of white lily and honey on the palate are followed by sweet candied lemon and honeysuckle nectar on the palate.


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